FS - MÖWE (Original Mix)

My friend is deep house producer, his artistic name is - vogelfrei -. I am very proud of him because he started really recently in the producing world and he’s already very, very good at this.
This is his latest track “Möwe”, which means seagull in german.

His idea by making this song was to imagine yourself as a seagull flying over the ocean trying to chase your dream. This pursuit lasts 3 minutes, because after min 3:00 you can feel like you have reached what you desired to reach along your travel and you automatically have to smile. In the 2 minutes left you can enjoy the pleasure to have chosen what you were searching for and relax.

This track works like a therapy; whenever you have a wish and listen to this song, it makes you visualize yourself achieving it and so you create the believe that you can do it.

Enjoy it and keep turning your hell into heaven! xx